Ever since I was a little girl, I remember having an interest in making art and creating things with my hands. Everything around me has impacted my aesthetic preferences, thus, in turn, influence my work. Art is a form of self-expression, a problem solver, that can make us better people while at the same time it empowers us to externalize our feelings, but perhaps the main reason I enjoy creating art is how it makes me feel and the place of peace it takes me to. My paintings are a cathartic expulsion of emotions. My work allows me to process my feelings, while at the same time enables understanding and acceptance to become a better person.

   While I use a variety of mediums, my methodology is the same. Every brush stroke gives me a sense of peace. Painting and creating is my key to my very own secret garden.  My unconscious is the undoubted director of the final product when it comes to my art. I like to use both traditional ways of painting while also using innovative techniques. I allow the paint to take me through the journey and flow and direct my brush strokes, as though it was my guide in a pathway. My paintings are mirrors, glimpses of my truth, the expulsion of unspoken words, of unresolved battles and secrets that lie deep within my core. Through the work, I seek peace and I re-explore those endless, often unresolved issues that cripple humanity, our identity, our need for love, and acceptance.

 I am interested in the movement of the color as it comes in contact with the flat surface created by natural responses while engaged with my work. I use color to express my mood which often translates through onto the surface.  I am not afraid to explore and work consistently to discover new realms of my creativity. I am drawn to the works of Paul Jenkins, Zoa wou ki, Helen Frankenthaler, and Clyfford Still, to mention some. My vision often inspired by reflections on isolation, spiritual interiority, and the ethical actualization of the self-found. I am interested in making contact with the audience through moments of empathy where a phenomenological discovery of feelings. I am interested in what engages the audience on a more intimate level in a moment of complete correlation of sentiments. In this era, people like to cover up and mask their feelings it is my goal to help others by exposing their feelings and erase the fear that grows with feeling vulnerable.



~Fátima Lai