Every one is a lesson-Never stop being good because of bad people.

Sometimes they are not "bad" they just "hurt"🙏💜 I did once with a very good "friend" her actions hurt so deeply I changed for a moment. It took a lot to understand the disappointment and actions of someone that I dearly loved. Not knowing at the time that the situation was preparing me for something even greater. We don't see clearly what God has mandated in our lives and his teachings are deep. The ill feelings that fostered in my heart manifested in a way that was unknown to me. I talked, complained, and reacted poorly because my heart was trying to reject yet again the feelings of abandonment which is what my friend did to me in my (mind). Even when our friendship was not healthy I could not bear with not talking it out. Sounds weird to many, but when you don't have a lot of families you tend to make your friendships that important to you. If you have ever experienced that you'll understand. The point here is, I needed this, I needed to understand that sometimes when people walk away it is for a much greater reason that we don't understand. I ended this friendship because I knew it was wrong and unhealthy, but I was still mad at her. Angry at her for not caring enough, maybe she did, maybe she was just too afraid and proud to acknowledge her part. Regardless I forgave this person a long, long, time ago, but I was mad mostly for allowing her to make "me" feel this way. To become this hateful person and that is what I couldn't bear. People that didn't understand would tell me "let it go" but what they don't see is that I needed to receive this lesson with a mindful heart and acknowledge the meaning of it in my life. Some people will never change, some will never say I'm sorry, some will even laugh at you for your apology, it's ok. When I realized what the meaning was everything changed, my perspective of the situation, her pain, my pain, my reason, and the reason for all of it. Pray for their happiness, for their pained soul. Once when they are ready to remove their blindfold, they will see and then they will understand the meaning of that lesson. Some situation arises in your life and continue to happen when we have not learned the lesson. You find yourself experiencing similar situations and don't quite understand why??? We will not see a change until we learn from our mistake. Remember mindful thinking, mindful eyes, mindful heart! ✌️ &💜

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A conversation of Love

Friday, I was blessed to have a conversation with a beautiful lady. She spoke about very painful situations and how regardless time allowed her to understand the process of grief and pain. Having faith in yourself is important, our mind is the most powerful tool humans possess. Allow yourself to get to the place where you are content with life. Everything you want, everything you desire, everything you dream of, will happen.




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My life is changing drastically..

For the last few months, life has been unpredictable. I can't think of the last time I knew exactly what I wanted. When I felt 100% sure of myself. I feel uneasy, uncertain and almost incompetent. Almost feeling angry at myself for not knowing exactly what the hell is going on. Not knowing who to blame or if anyone is to blame but me. For know and after all that had happened these past two years all I can say is Fatima be mindful, seek to find the answers from within. Don't rush into conclusions don't doubt yourself...easier said than done. Huh! My heart feels some sort of kind of way but my mind is scared the logical part of a human bring hinders our creative self. It listens to the creativity our society has desperately tried to don't in our brains. Well, I can't give up, I have sacrificed way too much. For the last two years all I need is to hear I love you, and I am not given up. I cannot let my fears be bigger than my goals. I have come such a long way to allow this doubt to get in my way. It's okay to fail what's not ever ok, is to Not try. Here I come! Watch me! 

Say every Woman that has had enough! 

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State of Mind

"Find yourself and when you do, never stop re-finding yourself!"Today, I was reminded of these wise words that our Professor Carlos G. Gómez spoke of, to many of his students on many different occasions.

Indeed, a blessing. People, places or things may remind you of many situations you may have encountered. With time, those things may become a distant memory, and you may even forget how they looked, smelled, sounded, tasted or even felt to the touch.  The way something, someplace or someone made you feel is something you will never forget.

But feelings are something that can take you back to that very special place, with no need of sight, smell, sound, taste or touch. The way something, someplace or someone made you feel is something you will never forget and will find it's way back.

"I am feeling real darn good right about now! Ironically, it only comes right after that state of mind, the beautiful moment of creation, when the only thing that drives you is what pulls you away from the petty things in life. It is in this state of mind where I want to find myself. Even if it means losing my mind because perhaps, it is in that state where no one understands me, where I am worthy of my life. If my work is to create chaos and may arouse questions, so be it. I shall let the chaos exist only in the beauty of my Art!"

-Fátima Lai